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Experts in yacht charters.


Established in Saint-Tropez since 1995, PREMIUM YACHTS is specialized in luxury yacht charters on the French Riviera and worldwide.

With a long experience of the yachting industry and an extensive knowledge of yachts on charter and their crew, PREMIUM YACHTS provides tailored services to an international clientele to assist them to select and organize their cruise among a fleet of more than 1.500 yachts, and provides to yacht owners comprehensive services for the charter marketing and charter management of their yachts.

After 7 years of close collaboration, PREMIUM YACHTS moved in 2014 under the same ownership as AYPIOSS Yachts & Properties, a company proposing luxury villas and yacht charters in multiple destinations. Following this, PREMIUM YACHTS has become the sister company of AYPIOSS Yachts & Properties specialising in yacht charters and charter marketing.

PREMIUM YACHTS is a corporate member of MYBA, the worldwide yachting association, and ECPY, the European Committee for Yachting Professionals and actively participates to these associations.

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An extensive knowledge of what we propose with an extensive knowledge of every destinations and a perfect understanding of your every wishes and needs during your stay on board a yacht is what sets Premium Yachts apart from the rest.

When using our services, you can be insured that we fully understand your needs and you will receive a full and personalized service, starting from our very first contact with you to the return to your home, looking forward to achieve your ultimate satisfaction and make you become part of our repeating guest in the same or another destination.

Established in Saint-Tropez since 1995, Premium Yachts, is a privately held company offering tailored yacht charter services to highly demanding clients looking after a reliable and comprehensive partner to assist them repeatedly with yacht charters across multiple destinations.

Corporate member of the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) and the Eupean Committee for Yachting Professionals (ECPY), Premium Yachts is subscriber to YACHTFOLIO database providing direct access to details and availabilities over 1500 yachts available for charter worldwide and works in accordance with MYBA standards, rules and contracts, including professional insurance.

We spend a substantial time to develop an intricate knowledge of the destinations we serve. Yachts proposed by Premium Yachts are scrutinized in every aspect and regularly inspected, while we continuously maintain an in-depth knowledge about crew on-board the yachts.

While this is a key element to be enable us to assist you to select the best possible yacht according your specific needs, Premium Yachts also insure your rights and interests are properly and professionally managed, including contracts, handling of funds and every legal or financial aspects.

Last but not the least, our flexible on-call concierge service before and during your trip ensures that whichever your needs are, you have plenty of relaxation time while we take the hassle out of your holiday and keep you in the lap of luxury.

Originally based in St-Tropez, Premium Yachts benefits of AYPIOSS Yachts & Properties infrastructure who has developed over years it's activities and presence to multiple destinations and keeps developing year after years knowledge and offer on the most glamorous, sought-after and remote vacation destinations. AYPIOSS Yachts & Properties today include operations from St-Tropez to Monaco on the French Riviera, Ibiza and Marbella in Spain, Porto Cervo and Sardinia, the Greek Islands including Corfu, Mykonos, Paros and Creta, Dubai, Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia, the Caribbean including St-Bart and Anguilla and Miami in the USA, all these destinations being intrinsically connected with yacht charter destinations.

For a day, a short break a week or longer, whether you are looking to arrange your family holiday, your ultimate honeymoon, your partner's big birthday, your much-needed romantic getaway, you and your friends adventure of a lifetime or your company's corporate hospitality Premium Yachts assist you to craft and create tailor-made experiences around the world on board luxury yachts.

Charter marketing & management

PREMIUM YACHTS offers to yacht Owners tailored services for charter management and marketing of their yacht toward an international clientele and the worldwide brokers community

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