Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera

Sweeping down from the chic Côte d’Azur to the enchanting seaside towns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera embodies charismatic elegance and old-world glamour. Once the inspiration for some of Italy’s greatest artists, beguiled by its stunning landscapes, it now combines a heavenly cocktail of Mediterranean culture, antiquated charm and modern luxury.

Exuding a more laid-back ambience than the French Riviera, its rugged coastline is speckled with hilltop villages winding between the chalky cliffs and seaside towns painted in a beautiful palette of pastels. The tiny and sublimely elegant fishing village of Portofino has long attracted the yacht set to its picturesque harbour and collection of exclusive designer boutiques and fantastic restaurants carved into the steep rock face. Relaxing amongst the colour splashed architecture of the beautiful piazza in an Italian café is the perfect way to start your luxury yacht charter vacation in style.

The five miraculously unspoilt villages of Cinque Terre perch on the craggy cliff-tops surrounded by the rolling hillsides of olive groves and grape vines and together make up the UNESCO protected national park. Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful collection of gardens along panoramic footpaths looking out over the Ligurian Sea before sampling some local wine as the sun sets from the deck of your yacht. A must-see location in any luxury yacht charter of the Italian Riviera is the former maritime republic of Genoa. Its curios landscape rises up from the Ligurian coast, packed densely into the hillsides the tall, narrow buildings are painted in vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.

Curving west from Genoa to the French border is the Riviera di Ponente which boasts some of the longest stretches of golden sands along the coast. Beautiful beaches as well as historical towns and exclusive resorts are on offer along this fabulous ribbon of coastline, from the famous San Remo to the 4km long white sands of Alassio. Enjoy snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing on the calm waters or just sit back with a cocktail against the backdrop of pine-covered headlands and tiny coves. South east of Genoa lies the Riviera di Levante, home to the most elite Italian resort towns including the fabulous Santa Margherita and Portofino. The Italian Riviera is ultimately a beautiful region and makes for the perfect place to escape and relax on an exclusive and luxurious luxury yacht charter vacation.

Taking guests through a world of beautiful scenery and uniquely fascinating destinations, a private crewed yacht vacation around the Italian Riviera promises to be one of the most rewarding experiences to be had in the Mediterranean.

8 days exploring the shimmering Italian Riviera (8 days)

Sweeping down from Genoa to the alluring towns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera combines antiquated charm with exquisite natural beauty for enchanting charter vacations. Cruising the coast, yacht-goers will experience the alluring magic of its pastel-coloured villages perched atop rugged hilltops, as well as glorious stretches of golden sand lapped by crystal clear waters and exclusive Italian resorts.

day 1

Embark in Genoa, cruise to Portofino

Join your yacht in Genoa and kick off your Italian holiday experience with an Aperol Spritz onboard to as you cruise to Portofino. On arrival, take your yacht's tender around the bay to see the famous statue of Christ of the Abyss, sunk underwater in 1954 in front of the Abbaye San Fruttoso. Head ashore to stroll around the iconic harbour and cobbled streets, and indulge in an afternoon of Italian designer shopping. For dinner, head to La Terrazza, at the famous Hotel Splendido above the port, or stay on the waterfront at the hotel's other restaurant, Chuflay.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre
Have your cameraphone at the ready as the yacht cruises to Porto Venere, following the Cinque Terre coast – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Stop for lunch in Vernazza, one of the five villages: Trattoria Franzi, on the Piazza Marconi, has been serving typical Ligurian food for decades. Arrive at Porto Venere, a pretty jumble of multi-coloured houses, passing through ‘the narrows’ between the church and the rocks of Palmeria. Visit the stunning black and white St Peter's Church.
day 2

day 3

Palmeria, the bay of poets

Palmeria island
Spend the day exploring the Nature Reserve islands of Palmeria, Tino and Tinetto, by kayak or paddleboard. Stop at San Terenzo, the home of Percy and Mary Shelley: Lord Byron is said to have swum across the bay to visit them, and Shelley later drowned in this bay whilst writing, ironically, ‘The Triumph of Life’. The area's sun-dappled cliffs and villages lured countless other poets, earning it the name ‘The Bay of Poets’. Arm yourself with a copy Byron’s ‘Childe Harold’ to read in the place which inspired their authors.

Livorno, Culture hit

Arrive in Livorno for a private guided shore visit to the breathtaking city of Florence. Visit the Uffizi and immerse yourself in some of the world's most iconic treasures of Renaissance art. Climb the Duomo, and take in Michelangelo’s magnificent David at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Savour a gelato from Grom's as you head to the Piazzale Michelangelo for panoramic views over the city, dominated by the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore. Visit the monastery of San Miniato al Monte, where you can buy a jar of honey made by the monks.
day 4

day 5

Capraia, at one with nature

Wake up in the picture-perfect island of Capraia. Part of the Tuscan archipelago, this red rock island is known as 'the wild one': hike up to Monte delle Penne, where you can see Corsica in the distance. Walk along ancient mule paths, or kayak to different coves. Discover grottos and waterfalls or swim with colourful fish. Snorkel in crystal-clear water at Lo Scoglione, or grab the yacht's scuba gear and dive one of the many sites nearby in superb visibility. Enjoy sunset onboard over cocktails before a delicious dinner prepared by the chef.

Elba, the Napoleon exile

Elba island
Enjoy breakfast with a view as the yacht cruises to Elba, an island with much to offer. Explore the north coast for beautiful sandy beaches. Photographers should make for the lakes at Rio Albano for stunning shots of multi-coloured landscapes in the old mining area. Cyclists can head for the hills to discover a range of bike trails of different levels. Visit Napoleon’s exile home, Villa dei Mullini, or the Museum of Relics, and later dine on  true Elban and Tuscan delights at farmhouse restaurant Montefabbrello.
day 6

day 7

From Elba to Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole
Cruise along the Argentario peninsula from Elba to Porto Ercole, and go onshore to wander the enchanting towns of Siena and San Gimigniano. Discover rocky coves and beautiful sandy beaches by kayak or paddleboard. Visit the Orbetello Lagoon, managed by the WWF, a natural habitat for pink flamingos and other birds. Explore the town of Porto Ercole, dominated by the La Rocca fortress. Have dinner backdropped by a stunning sunset at Le Chicche di Cala Moresca Gia del Porto, in Porto Santo Stefano, which offers wonderful views of Giglio from its terrace.

Disembark in Roma

Enjoy a leisurely champagne breakfast as the yacht cruises to Rome. Disembark and, if you're not ready to finish your Italian story just yet, spend a few days in a luxury hotel in the Italian capital.
day 8

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