Charter marketing and management services

Premium Yachts provides to yacht Owners comprehensive services for charter management and marketing to ensure their yacht is effectively marketed toward an international clientele and the worldwide brokers' community, all enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently, paperwork is in accordance with latest laws and regulations, and finally Owner's objectives are met.


Whether charter your yacht is your primary objective, or you just wish filling in certain dates when not using it yourself, offering your yacht for charter enables to maximize your asset revenue and offset operational costs. Equally it keeps your crew motivated, thus ensuring that you keep the best crew members season after season, while your yacht benefits from a higher level of activity. Least but not the last, establish a solid reputation of your yacht in the global charter marketplace contributes enhancing its re-sale value.

However, successful charter marketing is a complex operation and requires considerable expertise and resources to ensure that your yacht is commercially effective, legally sound in its charter operations and your objectives are met.

No matter where in the world your yacht is, Premium Yachts has the knowledge, expertise and experience to make your yacht successful on the charter market, enabling you to sit back, relax and reap the financial benefits, while your captain and crew keep focused on maintaining your yacht and pamper guests on board.

Giving you and your yacht personalized attention and with a dedicated contact committed to all aspects of marketing your yacht and building long term relationships, Premium Yachts provides comprehensive innovative yacht charter marketing and management services, to produce very high quality communication and marketing materials, ensure your yacht is effectively marketed toward an international clientele and the worldwide community of charter brokers, all enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently, and to provide you and your crew lifecycle support in every administrative and organization aspects.

Support and advisory

As part of its Charter Marketing & Management Services, Premium Yachts provides legal, tax, financial and insurance support and accurate advice to owners and their captains related to chartering your yacht, assists you to ensure the yacht is equipped, maintained, operated and managed at the highest possible standards.

Premium Yachts will also be working closing with you to run competitive and comparative surveys and continuously monitor your yacht is well priced to meet your objectives, and propose you to run marketing actions such as participating to boat shows and organizing open days or other events to make your yacht stand out from the crowd.


Marketing & promotion


From the moment you appoint Premium Yachts as your charter marketing agents, we will waste no time in prepared high quality communication and marketing materials and launching a charter marketing program to generate maximum bookings, whilst respecting your personal use, requirements and instructions.

To ensure your yacht is effectively marketed toward an international clientele and the worldwide community of charter broker, your yacht will be featured on our website and on-line booking systems used by reliable charter brokers such as Yachtfolio and CharterIndex, while will be promoted to potential charterers using a dynamic mix of pro-active marketing techniques including websites, targeted online advertising, e-mailing and appearance in selected printed publications. In order to source the desired number of quality bookings, we will make full use of our sizeable database of clients and industry contacts, as well as yacht shows and events around the world.

Premium Yachts will also be proactively working with your yacht's captain to encourage as much repeat business as possible, while we cultivate privileged relationships with many charter brokers around the world, which is an invaluable resource for booking charters.

Calendar & booking management

Maintaining an accurate availability calendar of your yacht and coordinating all enquiries quickly and efficiently on your behalf, Premium Yachts strive itself to meet your objectives by placing qualified high quality clients, whilst ensure a minimum amount of downtime of your yacht.

With an in-depth understanding of the interests of all parties involved, from checking as much as possible the credentials of potential charterers and verifying the contract terms, to managing payment flows, tax and billing aspects, and finally maintaining a close relationship with you, captain and crew before and during the charter to ensure a smooth and successful management of each charter, Premium Yachts provides a lifecycle support in every administrative and organization aspects of your charters, while will provide regular reporting, on enquiries and bookings.


What does it cost?


Premium Yachts Charter Marketing & Management Services are free to set up, including listing on our website as well as on major yacht charter booking systems and pro-active marketing actions to promote your yacht on charter.

You only pay a booking fee based on industry standards for bookings you receive through us.

For marketing events, such as participation to boat shows or open days you will only need to cover inscription fees and yacht expenses, and we will manage invitations and provide staff on board to welcome visitors during the event free of charge.

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