Encompassed by emerald waters and glittering sandy beaches against a stunning backdrop of mountainous terrain, Sardinia sits like a precious stone just off the coast of Italy. This autonomous Mediterranean island is rich in culture and history and steeped in natural beauty. Famously fashionable and boasting an unique mix of designer boutiques, exclusive bars and world class restaurants, Sardinia is one of the finest destinations for a luxury yacht charter.

Stretching from Golfo Aranci to Baia Sardinia, this remarkable Italian gem is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and lays surrounded by clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and some of the prettiest anchorages. Cruise along the rippling waters and explore the assortment secluded coves which are strewn along the breathtaking coastline. To the northeast of Sardinia lies Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular destinations to cruise in the Mediterranean and a particular favourite for bona fide charterers and sailing enthusiasts. With warm constant winds and calm clear waters, sailors will revel in the romance of Sardinia’s waters whilst gazing upon the awe-inspiring surrounding views. At the heart of Costa Smeralda, meander around the seaside resort of Porto Cervo, where the shores are draped with designer boutiques and glamorous restaurants.

Saturated in an alluring history, visit the capital city of Cagliari to discover the ancient and distinguished old town before admiring the enthralling charm of medieval castles, teetering on hilltops shadowing the city below. Take in the medieval churches and alluring architecture which line the timeless and stylish pebbled streets, before stopping to sip on coffee in one of the many chic cafés.

One of the best known beaches in Sardinia is Liscia Ruja, this vast arc of sand glimmers a subtle shade of pink and is enclosed by strawberry trees, cistus and junipers which almost caress the water. The uninhabited island of Mortorio also boasts a beautiful beach and makes for an idyllic location for overnight anchorage whilst enjoying a bottle of bubbly against a backdrop of towering cliffs.

Not only famed for its intriguing architectural landmarks and inviting azure waters, Sardinia is also famed for what some regard to be the finest lobster in the world. The reputation of Sardinian cuisine precedes itself and gastronomes will relish the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering dishes such as simple yet delicious seafood and succulent wild boar.

For those looking to delve into the underwater world to discover the thriving aquatic life beneath the waves, visit the astounding archipelago of Maddalena. This cluster of 60 islands and islets offers some of the very best snorkelling and diving opportunities for those keen to immerse themselves into water sport adventures. Porto Pollo is an excellent location for kite and windsurfing and with wild reefs and consistent winds, experienced surfers can let loose and enjoy the throes of exhilaration on the water whilst non-surfers can soak up the sun on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Beauty of Sardinia (8 days)

Sardinia's raw beauty balanced by a multitude of luxury stop-offs make it a certified superyacht hub. If you're looking to explore this magical Italian island on a crewed yacht charter, let us help you get the most out of your experience with the perfect 8-day itinerary.

day 1

Embark in the glamorous Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo harbour
Meeting up with your chosen luxury charter yacht could not take place in a more luxurious atmosphere. As the main area of activity on Sardinia, Porto Cervo is sophistication in itself and presents a sumptuous beginning to your luxury yacht charter. With high-end boutiques and popular brands lining the streets and incredible restaurants at every bend, you will have begun your holiday before even reaching your yacht. After some essential shopping time in this appealing location, there will still be plenty of time for you to take a turn around the 18 hole golf course and maybe squeeze in a spa treatment at Petra Segreta. Complete your day in Porto Cervo with a decadent meal in decadent restaurants such as Phi Beach and Quattro Passi Al Pescatore before venturing to Billionaire Club where you will party the night away in style.

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo
Anchoring down at your first port of call on your luxury charter yacht tour you arrive at the pretty location of Porto Rotondo. The atmosphere here is much more laid back than at Porto Cervo but there are no cutbacks on quality and luxury. Porto Rotondo is well known for it's private beaches so take the time to really indulge in this essential experience to your holiday. Spend the morning lapping up the sun or take a few dips in the refreshing waters around the coast before adventuring further inland. Although more down to Earth than Porto Cervo this location is still very popular with tourists so you can expect to find everything you need in the local settlement. The local businesses are often hidden away but the level of quality does not waver from the expected standard of Italian businesses. Later in the day return towards the shore for an evening filled with exuberant cocktail bars and live music.
day 2

day 3

Cala Luna

Cala Luna
Continuing around the coastline of Sardinia your next stop is vitally different from what you have seen so far. More out of the way from mainstream tourists, Cala Luna boasts an incredible natural beauty which can almost feel like a mirage. Anchor down in the bay to start exploring straight away. Take the plunge into the clear waters to make the most of the refreshing waters and the ideal opportunity to see the pretty life below the waters. Snorkelling around the bay you will see plenty of underwater life dancing around you and the cooling effect of the water will ready you for the staggering beach awaiting you on the shore. Being more hidden than other locations on the island of Sardinia, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon on the beach while adventuring inside some of the caves eroded into the cliffs. Easily large enough to fit you and your party inside, these caves offer shelter if the sun proves too hot or a unique location for a picnic. Return back to your motor yacht for an indulgent evening of Italian wine and a peaceful environment you really could get used to.


Back to civilisation for your fourth day on Sardinia as you visit the island capital of Cagliari. As the largest town on the island of Sardinia this is the place to visit if you want to see the very best of the island. Teeming with medieval buildings, the streets of the town are like stepping through a portal into a pastel-hued dream. The highlight of Sardinia's past is found up above the main activity of Cagliari in the area known as Il Castello. This medieval wall enclosed area features a variety of monuments which have all contributed to Cagliari's eventful past. Even more impressive, and a lot older than the man-made monuments you can visit at Il Castello, there is also the prehistoric site of Domus de Janas. Translating as the house of fairies or witches, there are several chambers here to see which were 'built' during the Neolithic era. Exploring inside the caves, you can see etchings on the walls of various religious symbols and bull horns. To round off your day of exploration, reserve a table at Niu for an indulgent and decadent feast.
day 4

day 5

Forte Village Le Dune

Forte Village
Most of day 5 of your luxury charter yacht tour is spent exploring the southwest coast of Sardinia. Dotted along the coastline you will see many hidden caves and beach sanctuaries which you can indulge in for a few hours to enjoy some down time. Relax on the deserted beach or hop into the cool waters for some water sports before anchoring down at Forte Village Le Dune. The high quality resort of Forte Village Le Dune offers exceptional services to visitors including indulging spa treatments at the Acquaforte Thalasso Spa. Enjoy a full body massage or use the hydro facilities to rejuvenate your energy levels ready for an evening of dancing and good food.


At the top end of Sardinia, on the northwest coast, the city of Alghero offers another view into the past with phenomenal views to accompany your travels. On arrival at this beautiful location head straight into the city to meander around the small winding cobbled streets and investigate the small family businesses that adorn the bends in the streets. Beautifully decorated with iron-clad balconies and displays of bright flowers, the streets of Alghero are straight out of a picture postcard. After seeing the pretty sights of the city make your way to the outskirts of the city to see some ancient ruins which date back to the 4th millennium BC. The necropolis of Anghelu Ruju contains several chambers in which many artefacts have been found including axe heads, vases, necklace beads and statuettes. Or you can get your tender to take you to Neptune's grotto for a marine expedition. Explore the monuments and tourist attractions before joining the locals for a drink in one of the popular vineyards or reserve a table at Al Tuguri for some sensational seafood.
day 6

day 7

La Maddalena Archipelago

La Maddalena islands
On your final day in the vicinity of Sardinia you will visit the protected island of La Maddalena. Declared a national park in 1996 the archipelago of islands off the coast of mainland Sardinia offer stretches of deserted beaches and clear waters to explore at your own leisure. La Maddalena is a hidden treasure of Sardinia and will be a welcome retreat for your final day in the area. Relax on one of the sandy beaches to soak up the last of the Mediterranean rays and try some snorkelling around the clear waters to see some of the pretty marine life that accompanies you on this desirable island. Before heading back to the mainland to start your homewards journey, visit the old town for some last minute exploring of Italian life and some freshly prepared cuisine which will make you want to eat Italian as soon as you return home.

Disembark in Olbia

day 8

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