Saturated with sun, this dazzling location offers the epitome of a paradise vacation, with sugar white sun-kissed beaches, a warm climate and beautiful scenery all year round. The Caribbean offers abundant water sport opportunities, clear blue skies and inviting azure waters. This captivating location is brimmed with aquatic life which surrounds dozens of picturesque islands, each unique in character and charm.

The Caribbean is an idyllic location for those longing for a chance to unwind in ultimate serenity. With a delectable year round climate and an over 7,000 lush islands to choose from, the Caribbean is a world renowned destination for luxury yacht charters. With each island different to the next, cruise from one to another whilst exploring the cultures, cuisine and landscapes of this tropical destination.

Often divided into five main areas, the Caribbean encompasses the Bahamas and Turks, the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, the Greater Antilles and the Leeward Antilles. From plush forestation to cloud-covered mountain summits, there is a diverse range of landscapes to admire. The Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands are often the most popular charter destinations and include St Martin, St Barts, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Barbados in addition to the British Virgin Islands, which are ideal for sailing yacht charters, where guests can enjoy secluded anchorages, gourmet cuisine and barbecues on the beach in ultimate glamour and style.

On a Caribbean yacht charter, visitors can enjoy an abundance of activities in even the smallest of areas. With a thriving nightlife, lush rainforest, amazing diving opportunities and first class cuisine the Caribbean is a superb location with something to suit everyone.

The turquoise waters are overloaded with treasures, from miniature beach coral isles to extensive mountainous atolls radiating with rich and vibrant culture. Snorkellers can see clearly to the ocean floor, making for an enchanting encounter where marine life, mesmerising outcrops, reefs and wrecks flourish along the sea bed.

The best time to visit the Caribbean is between December and May, however warm temperatures, mild waters and gentle winds make the Caribbean a fantastic destination all year round. A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean offers the ultimate escape from life on land into a nirvana of stunning islets and colourful cultures which cannot be found anywhere else.

Antigua to Saint Martin (8 days)

Surrounded by crystalline waters and pristine beaches, the volcanic Leeward Islands offer tropical landscapes combined with chic boutiques and restaurants for a hedonistic charter itinerary.

day 1


Steeped in maritime history and boasting an extensive and beautiful coastline, Antigua is an idyllic start to a Leeward Islands charter, embarking in the beautiful natural English Harbour. Discover some of the island’s history in Nelson’s Dockyard then cruise up to Nonsuch Bay for an afternoon of water sports and relaxation or a visit to one of the many miles of picture-postcard beaches.

Antigua to Barbuda

Barbuda, pink sand beach
The remote island of Barbuda is truly an unspoilt paradise and wildlife haven. It is home to the famous Frigate Bird Sanctuary and a wonderful place to snorkel amongst the beautiful reefs.
day 2

day 3

Barbuda to St Kitts

St Kitts
Despite its size, the tiny island of St Kitts offers plenty to do, from the famous golf course to the beautiful plantation houses, lush rainforests plus fantastic swimming and snorkelling opportunities. One of the island’s many treasures is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park which can be followed by a relaxed evening at one of the many beach bars.

St Kitts to Nevis

Just a short distance across ‘The Narrows’ is the volcanic island of Nevis. The island is steeped in heritage and culture and it was here Lord Nelson met and married his wife. Spend the day anchored off lively Pinney’s beach followed by with a glamorous evening at the Four Seasons Hotel, or for a more relaxed vibe the famous Sunshine’s beach bar.
day 4

day 5

Nevis to St Bart

St Bart, Gustavia harbour
The chic island of St Barts needs little introduction, famous for its flawless beaches and world-class cuisine that attracts the jet-set. Head ashore for a spot of shopping in Gustavia before anchoring off Saint-Jean Bay, not only a beautiful beach but also home to the glittering Eden Rock and Nikki Beach.

St Barts to Anguilla

The main attractions of the low-lying island of Anguilla are its 33 beautiful beaches. Enjoy an afternoon in the ultimate relaxation, soaking up the Caribbean sun and in the evening head ashore for a drink at the Viceroy.
day 6

day 7

Anguilla to St Martin

Pinel island
The half-French, half-Dutch island of St Martin is the ‘hub’ of the Leeward Islands. Enjoy lunch at Pinel Island or anchor off Marigot Bay to take in the spectacular scenery, the perfect spot for a delicious dinner under the stars prepared by your private chef.

St Martin

Saint Martin
Wake in the morning on the last day of your charter and enjoy a last swim before breakfast and disembarkation at noon.
day 8

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